Agility Drills Kent


Agility drills are crucial for fitness and are valuable in many sports and physical activities throughout Kent. Run faster and increase your sprint speed on the field with the agility drills we use at Diesel Performance Coaching for the Kent, WA region. By performing agility drills, Kent athletes can increase their speed quickly and change direction with ease.

By performing agility drills, you will find that agility ultimately sets apart the great athletes from the average ones. With our agility drills we have for Kent athletes, you will be able to accelerate in a specific direction as fast as possible and decelerate in the same direction. You will also be able to plant and reposition your body mass to reaccelerate in a new direction.

Our agility drills are great for Kent athletes in sports like:

  • Football drills
  • Basketball drills
  • Baseball drills
  • Tennis drills
  • Soccer drills

Call Diesel Performance Coaching for the Kent region when you want agility drills for your fitness routine.

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Speed Training Kent


Our speed training helps Kent athletes develop skills that will boost their performance in every sport. By using our speed training, Kent athletes will find out they are stronger, more agile, powerful and determined to succeed at whatever they do. We can help you be one step ahead of the other competitors that you face on the field.

Our speed training for Kent can help you with:

  • Help overall acceleration
  • Improve core
  • Increase mobility
  • Running muscles

We look forward to working with you to enhance your abilities and performance in whatever sport you are involved with near the Kent region. We help give you the keys to athletic success with the speed training and agility drills that we provide.

For questions about the speed training we offer the Kent region, call Diesel Performance Coaching.

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Speed and Agility Training Kent


Speed and agility training is used by Kent athletes to improve their ability to change direction and accelerate while in motion. The use of speed and agility training is especially important to a variety of sports that includes team and dual sports. We are one of the most reputable speed and agility training options throughout Kent.

Benefits of the speed and agility training we provide the Kent region range from noticeable physical results, a high-intensity training option to reduction of a number of different types of injuries. Our speed and agility training helps you to stay more engaged with your current routine and improve your performance.

We provide and offer Kent with:

  • Agility training
  • Agility exercises
  • Agility workouts
  • Speed and agility drills
  • Speed workouts
  • Speed drills

Begin your speed and agility training near Kent today, call Diesel Performance Coaching now.

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